Miscellaneous Rental Items

Miscellaneous Rental Items

Event Accessories

Complete Sound Systems-From $150.00

8' Tripod Video Screen-$150.00

Video Projector-$150.00

Speakers, mixing consoles, wireless microphones and more from a small basic system to a large outdoor system.

Ball and Chain-$50.00

Portable Stand Up Heaters-$100.00 (propane extra)

Heavy Duty Industrial Stand Up Fans-$125.00

2' stair unit with handrail-$125.00

3' Stair unit with handrail-$150.00

Black Pleated Stage skirting-$2.50 per running foot

Backdrop per running foot - 3', 8',12 'up to 16' in height-From $2.50 per running foot 

7,500 watt Generator-$100.00

5.000 Watt Generator-$75.00

Light Up Fire Exit Signs-$50.00

Plastic Picnic Tables-$75.00

LED Light Up 5' Bar-$250.00

100' Extension Cord-$20.00

LED Uplight-$35.00

4' in Height Light Up LOVE sign-$250.00

Oak Podium-$100.00

Fire Extinguishers-$30.00

Coat Racks-$30.00


Frank Spidalieri
Frank Spidalieri