Food Equipment

Food Equipment

Event Accessories

Bar Equipment

5' LED Portable Bar (different colours to choose from)

5' Marquis Portable Bar

Large Ice Bins 2' x 2' x 5'

Beverage Coolers

Coffee Maker

Champagne Fountain(with lights - 3 gallon - electric)

Wine Glasses


Commercial Stainless Steel Propane Barbeque 5 Burner(propane extra)

Commercial Stainless Steel Propane Barbeque 4 Burner (propane extra)

Plus an add'l Refundable Cleaning Deposit Charged for Barbeques

Carnival Equipment

Cleaning Deposit-additional fee- $ 50.00

Snow Cone Machine

Snow Cone Refundable Cleaning deposit- $ 50.00

Snow cone syrup 1 gallon/100 servings

Snow cone paper cones

Popcorn Popper

Popcorn Refundable Cleaning Deposit- $ 50.00

Popcorn Supplies call for prices

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Refundable Cleaning Deposit- $ 50.00

Spandex Covers

Tablecloths (several colours to choose from)

Elegant Table Skirting (several colours to choose from)


NOTE: Prices are based in Windsor area, additional delivery charges for out of city events apply. Prices do not include H.S.T

Frank Spidalieri
Frank Spidalieri